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Brent David Schroeder was born in 1964 in Gary, Indiana to a Middle American family.  In 1972 his family moved to the small ass-backwards town called Boone Grove, where Brent and his father raised and trained horses for many years.

Brent gave up his 4-H days to play with his first heavy metal band in 1978 and became a motorhead, building muscle cars for street racing.  He was undefeated for half a decade, until he decided to pass his cars down to his brother.  He worked as welder in Chicago as his band, originally call Prisoner, head-banged the clubs for a few years before being asked to move to Los Angeles to record two albums and play the Sunset Strip as the group known as Hap Hazzard. 

After things fell apart for the band, Brent remained in Los Angeles and by a series of twisted events would become an active part of the Hollywood underworld from the late 80's until the end of the 90's, survivng multiple attempts on his life during the early days of the meth wars in the San Fernando Valley.

After leaving the destructive lifestyle, his greatest challenge was to return back to a new life as part of a normal society, opening Pirate Candles, catering to Sony pictures and the general public, eventually becoming an author and screenplay writer as President and Ceo of No Halo Productions LLC.  Proudly sober for 18 years, Brent is currently working with Hollywood production companies with some of his written work soon to be released in theaters.

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