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Heaven Became Hell ...
Hollywood Be Thy Name!

This is the true, action-packed story based on 10 years of my life as a Hollywood musician during the 80s and 90s, and my secret life as a top shot-caller in the gritty Los Angeles underworld.

The four of us set out for Hollywood on September 1st, 1987, with dreams of becoming the next Motley Crue. We had the talent and the looks, and vowed to each other to avoid the lure of drugs. Unfortunately, Hollywood had other plans.


Filled with scam artists, gangbangers, drug dealers, and addicts, Hollywood was what I had expected, and I soon learned that almost no one in the music business, or in Los Angeles, could be trusted.  In order to keep the Hollywood dream alive, when the record deal fell through and I was on my last dime, I found myself being dragged into an underground world of crime and corruption.  Before long, I was working for organized crime, doing business deals with outlaw motorcycle gangs, staying one step ahead of the FBI, and losing touch with the world I had once known. My guitar cases were now filled with deadly weapons.  Love, betrayal, Wicca, crystal methamphetamine, and a crippling blast from a sawed-off shot gun would all have roles in bringing me to my knees. In the end, I would learn that a conspiracy was as the heart of my downward spiral, and that everything I'd ever beleived in was a lie.

Many of the people and events in the story have been the focus of local and national news programs, though I have changed most of the names.  This book includes my adventures with dozens of celebrities, from famous musicians to Hollywood actors, and known underworld figures.  It goes into great depth explaining how crystal meth made the jump from the biker culture to the Hollywood nightlife and then, via the Internet, the rest of the country.   After many hours of phone calls with investigative reporter/writer Jonathan Littman, the book "The Fugitive Game" would be released in 1996, detailing the events.    

This is the story of a rock-n-roll soul with dreams of becoming the next Hollywood hit, but instead by a twisted chain of events, would become the go-to guy in Hollywood for everyone's more desireable, carnal pleasures.  After survivng many attempts on his life, he would return to the family he'd once left behind and eventually become part of a normal society.  My band Hap Hazzard is also featured in Hollywood Rocks: The Ultimate Guide To The 1980's Hollywood, California, Rock n Roll music scene pulblished by Cleopatra Records in September 2003.


This book is great! You gotta love the Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll!!!

Thrilling in the extreme, Heaven Became Hell ... is a definite page-flipper.

The Prodigious Agency

Other Titles BY Brent David Schroeder

~The Lycan Chronicles~


A small, secluded town in Southern Indiana holds many dark and sinister secrets. Formed and financed by the ruling class of Vampires wishing to expand their covenant into the New World, this peculiar town was established in 1840 and it remained peaceful for over 160 years. Not a single unnatural human death had occurred among the many that were employed there in order to satisfy the Vampire’s never ending thirst for blood… welcome to Wolf Creek. 
Before the inception of this otherworldly place, the Vampires were the hunted in the new America. In desperate need of protection, they reached out to the supernatural creatures of the Native American legends…the shape shifting Lycans. Employed as peace keepers and guardians, the Lycans and Vampires were able to co-exist in harmony and normality, escaping the persecution of the outside world that surrounded them. The human volunteers were compensated generously for their participation, required only to give a weekly donation of blood to the town’s Blood Bank. Life was wonderful for all of the town’s inhabitants, until 1947 when an ancient Vampire history book was uncovered along with the Dead Sea Scrolls… the Book of Blood. This mysterious book contained a sought-after formula that would allow the Vampires to walk freely in the sunlight… the Sunlife.

Under the direct orders of the Original Vampire of England, Baron Valvasor, hand selected Vampires would work for decades in futile attempt to decode the secrets lying within the book’s pages and bring the Vampire’s ultimate dream alive… that is until the day a recruited computer hacker and talented chemist cracked the code, finally producing the coveted potion. 

With the Book of Blood now decoded, the diabolical plan of the ruling class began to unravel and the Lycans must stop at nothing to prevent them from taking over the world. Will the Lycan’s unearthly strength and powers be enough to restore order and balance to Wolf Creek, or will the undead live on to spread their infectious disease to the rest of the unsuspecting world and reign forever?

~Ol' Man Johnson's Dead Time Tales: Volume 1~


When the babysitter doesn't show up one stormy night, it looks like the Woodley's night out is ruined... that is, until they get their odd-duck of a neighbor and retired scientist from Hellaburton Corporation, Ol' Man Johnson, to watch their boys for the evening. Join us as he tells his disturbing tales of horror and suspense, gathered around the candlelight.


~Aware~ A group of campers take a weekend retreat as part of their group therapy treatment, when they run into a group of local thugs who try to rob them... the thieves quickly realizing they might've bitten off more than they can chew.


~Serpentine~ Ol' Man Johnson's lost daughter, Emilie, is drawn into an alternate lifestyle, after a series of men betray her love. After being given the choice of a lifetime, she must decide whether or not to enter into the world of the undead, and become the lover of a four hundred-year-old female, vixen Vampire.


~The Golem~ Working as the midnight curator at a Chicago museum, Ol' Man Johnson discovers a mysterious crate that has been traveling the earth since Nazi Germany, three-quarter centuries ago. When an eight foot, clay statue named Joseph is found inside and brought to life, carnage and destruction soon follow.


~Dream Machine~ Recruited death row inmates unwittingly find themselves as part of a sinister Hellaburton experiment, as fear fluids from the condemned prisoners are extracted from their brains. But what the prisoners don't realize, is that their terrifying experiences are being induced via a simulated dream world that threatens to literally scare them to death.

Ol' Man Johnson's Dead Time Tales 2 Available Now!!!!!!

~Ol' Man Johnson's Dead Time Tales: Volume 2~


Once again it looks like the Woodley’s evening out is about to be ruined when their teenage babysitter doesn’t show up and they are faced with asking Ol’ Man Johnson, the whacky retired neighbor and former scientist from Hellaburton to watch the boys as they go out for the evening.


Like in our last story the boys and Mr. Johnson begin to watch TV when they hear a loud clap of thunder, followed by a lightning strike which knocks out the power – or so they think. 


The first story is called READY MADE MEALS. It involves a money-making scheme Hellaburton has put into effect to make huge profits off a new food supply they have created in one of their secret labs.  They have taken over a good amount of nursing homes and purchased all the private prisons in the United States in order to sell their food product.   This, in turns, gives them a great profit margin.  Finally their secret ingredient is discovered, but not before it is too late and murder and mayhem runs rampant.  It forces all of their facility’s to close their doors and lock the occupants’ inside to never be let out again.


The second story is about a MYSTIFYING ORACLE.  A secret project Dr. Weinberg and Dr. Johnson work on for two years is an attempt to contact the other side using an Ouija board the Nazi’s used during World War 11.  The Nazi’s used it in an effort to gain knowledge they could use for defeating the allies.  Once contact on the board was made and the other worldly portal were opened, what erupted couldn’t be sent back fast enough without everyone involved in the project sustaining devastating consequences and horrible deaths.


In the third story the reader will wonder whether it is just a dream or is it as real as it gets in BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL.  In it, Dr. Johnson is knocked unconscious and wakes up sitting next to an entity named Peter.  This is the final room you pass through before reaching the other side and everyone is judged.  Three doors are before you and depending on your life on earth, you must pick one and pray it is the correct one or else.


The last story involves a new energy drink created in one of Hellaburton’s labs called VITALITY.  The marketing department was giving it away for free at a county fair in the town of Cape Fear.  It boasts promises of increased energy and easing the pain of arthritis.  Within 24 hour of everyone in town sampling the drink, they TURN and the few survivors hold up in a bar called the “Shit Shack.” They wait there for rescue from the Hells Henchmen.  All out-going lines of communications have been shut down.

Despite the horrible and true life stories, once again the boys love Ol’ Man Johnson and can’t wait again for the power to go out for more “Dead Time Tales.”  You will too, once you start reading.


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